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2 Side Vest “Hich”


Inspired by the poem: In the morning, he said, the lawn chicken with the new flower Don't be too cute in this garden because you bloomed Don't laugh at me from the right side "No lover said harsh words to his beloved. ".. Hafez Shirazi

2 Side Shawl Horse of Love Yellow


Inspired by Molana's Poem: Ride on love and think about it May the horse of love be enough An attack brought you home Even if the road is rough Jan Ashegh does not know how to eat grass May the lovers' lives be drunk   سوار عشق شو وز ره میندیش که اسب عشق بس رهوار باشد به یک حمله تو را منزل رساند اگرچه راه نا هموار باشد علف خواری نداند جان عاشق که جان عاشقان خمار باشد (شعر از: مولانا)  

Dress “Homayoun”


Introducing the enchanting "Harmony Blossom" dress, a wearable masterpiece that captures the essence of a vibrant summer/spring season. This dress is a delightful fusion of art and fashion, adorned with intricate calligraphy that exudes positivity and radiates joyful energy. The color palette of green, pink, and purple further amplifies the dress's vivacious spirit. The shades of green symbolize growth, harmony, and rejuvenation, evoking a sense of connection with nature. Soft pastel pinks embody femininity, tenderness, and playfulness, adding a touch of elegance to the design. Intertwined with pops of vibrant purple, which signifies creativity and spirituality, the dress becomes a celebration of individuality and self-expression. The calligraphy featured on the dress is skillfully crafted, showcasing graceful strokes and meaningful words that inspire and uplift. Delicate flowers, leaves, and other natural motifs intertwine with the lettering, enhancing the overall harmony and beauty of the design. Each brushstroke tells a story, capturing the optimism and joy of sunny days and blossoming gardens. The dress itself is crafted with attention to detail, using high-quality fabrics that flow effortlessly with the wearer's movements. Its lightweight and breathable nature make it perfect for warm weather, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident as you embrace the spirit of the season. Whether you're strolling through a blooming meadow, attending a garden party, or simply seeking to radiate positive vibes, the "Harmony Blossom" dress is a true wearable art that will make you feel like a walking masterpiece. It encapsulates the joy of summer and the promise of spring, leaving an impression of beauty and positivity wherever you go.

Dress “Nahaan”


Introducing an exquisite dress that seamlessly blends classic design elements with contemporary elegance. This captivating garment showcases a harmonious color palette of red, black, and white, creating a visually striking and sophisticated look. The dress features a timeless silhouette, tailored to perfection to enhance the wearer’s figure. Its graceful lines and subtle detailing exude an aura of refinement and femininity. The combination of the rich red, sleek black, and pristine white hues adds depth and contrast, making a bold statement. Adding a touch of artistic flair, intricate calligraphy motifs adorn the dress, intertwining gracefully across the fabric. The calligraphy, with its delicate curves and expressive strokes, creates an aura of intrigue and allure. It serves as both a decorative element and a symbol of cultural heritage, adding depth and uniqueness to the design. Crafted from luxurious and high-quality materials, this dress drapes effortlessly, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit. The attention to detail is evident in the meticulous stitching and exquisite craftsmanship, further enhancing its allure. The carefully selected fabrics and textures add dimension to the overall aesthetic, creating a truly mesmerizing piece. This dress is a captivating choice for special occasions, formal events, or when you want to make a lasting impression. Its classic design with a modern twist sets it apart, making it a statement piece that exudes sophistication and elegance. Whether worn at a gala, a romantic evening, or an upscale social gathering, this dress is guaranteed to turn heads and evoke admiration. In summary, this dress encapsulates the essence of timeless beauty and artistic expression. With its classic design, captivating colors, and intricate calligraphy, it is an attractive and alluring garment that showcases the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

Top “Homayoun”


Inspired by the poem:
The morning wind and the smell of Nowruz Good luck friends and victory Congratulations this year and all years “Homayoon” Happy this day and all days to you. Saadi Shirazi

Ham Nafas Twoface Scarf


Inspired by Saadi's Poem: No one knows how much I love you A fish that falls on dry land knows the price of water

مقدار یار هم نفس چون من نداند هیچکس ماهی که بر خشک اوفتد قیمت بداند آب را سعدی

Baran e Eshgh Top


Inspired by Mohammadreza Shafiei Kadkani's Poem: Tell it to rain, tell it tonight - Tell it to rain tonight - Wash away the dust of this garden alley - To look for dawn in its clarity - Our presence is infinite To look for dawn in its clarity - Our presence is infinite In search of shores from which we do not know the way back - You and I wake up and see each other - Lighter than the moonlight and sleep - Run in light and hotness - A song on our lips  

بگو به باران ببارد امشب بگو - بگو به باران ببارد امشب - بشويد از رخ غبار اين كوچه باغ ها را كه در زلالش سحر بجويد - ز بی كران ها حضور ما را كه در زلالش سحر بجويد - ز بی كران ها حضور ما را به جست و جوی كرانه هايی - كه راه برگشت از آن ندانيم من و تو بيدار و محو ديدار- سبک تر از ماه تاب و از خواب روانه در شط نور و گرما - ترانه ای بر لبان باديم
دکتر محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی

Coat “Pirooz”


Inspired by the poem: A promising Iran Endlessness and extinction From among the black devils Nature heralds spring And the promise of the earth blossoming again Successful and worthy, his name is Pirouz eternal victor Eternal Iran Iran, victorious and eternal Mehdi Mashayekhi Puroz is the name of the last tiger cub among the three survivors Since the cheetah, the Iranian leopard was becoming extinct He barely survived He is one of the symbols of today's Iran.

2 Side Vest “Astonished”


Inspired by the poem: Let love surprise you No need for disbelief and faith Molana

2 Side Vest “The Light”


Inspired by the poem: Let love surprise you No need for disbelief and faith Molana

Top “Gypsy”


Inspired by the poem: He rode that gypsy He did not take you with him It is night and with the night, dense darkness Gypsy by the fire night dance, who are you? Why is happiness gone? Why is the fire extinguished? … Simin Behbehani

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